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Diamond Innova Egg Grader

72,000 - 180,000 eggs/hour

Diamond Innova

The INNOVA graders can grade and pack from 72,000 to 180,000 eggs per hour, and are available with optional egg washing, total automatic candling and case packing. The compact in-feed allows all the eggs to be electronically inspected for leaking eggs, dirty eggs, and cracked eggs. The eggs are also weighed for individual egg sizes. Leaking eggs are automatically rejected while dirty eggs can be returned for a second wash cycle by a conveyor or packed into trays. Cracked eggs are separated and can be packed into edible and inedible categories. All the second quality and first quality eggs are weighed and individual as well as total weights are recorded to help manage bird performance and feed conversions. The wash down in-feed includes fast disconnect components and slide out drawers to make clean up easy.

Innova type 6 W 12 W 18 W
Capacity [eggs/hour] 72,000 144,000 180,000
Capacity [cases hour] 200 400 500
Tracks 3 3 3
Infeed rows 6 12 18
Typ. nr. packing lanes 8 14 18
Max. nr. packing lanes 20 20 20
Possible detection/hygienic system
Crack and leak detection + + +
Blood detection + + +
Dirt detection + + +