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On Diamond egg graders there are several infeed options that will expand the flexability of your grader. These options below are available for the INNOVA series and some can also be added to the Diamond 2100, 8200, 8300, and 8400 series Graders. Please Contact your sales representative for more information.

Diamond Pre-Accumulator Tables


Pre-Accumulator Tables

These conveyor tables are used to gather eggs from a customers egg delivery belts and route them to the main accumulator table.

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Diamond Accumulators

Diamond Accumulator Tables

Accumulator tables are used to gather the eggs from egg delivery belts or from a preaccumulator table and orient them onto spool bars to feed the egg grader.

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Moba Style Accumulator

Moba Style Accumulator Tables

Moba Style accumulators are currently available for new, Diamond Innova 12W Egg graders.

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