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Diamond Detection Systems

There are several options that will expand the flexability of Diamond Graders. All these functions are available for the Innova series and some also can be added to the Diamond 2100, 8200, 8300, and 8400 series graders. Please contact your sales representative for more information.

Diamond Single station leak removal

Single-station Crack and Leak detection

The single station removal system consists of crack detection, leak detection, and leak removal. In this configuration, the digital scales are located in the transfer entry area.

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Diamond Multi-Station Leak Removal System

Multi-Station Crack and Leak detection

The multi-station removal system consists of crack detection, leak detection, leak removal, upstream digital scales and two optional preferred egg collection areas.

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Diamond Dirt Detection

Diamond Vision System

The optional Vision system is available to detect manure, feathers, egg yolk, egg white and other anomalies on eggs, and can be ordered to function on white eggs, brown eggs, or a combination of both white and brown eggs.

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Diamond Blood Detection

Blood Detection

Optional blood detection maximizes the speed of graders, reduces manual candler labor, and improves the quality or the finished pack.

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