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Loaders for Diamond Equipment

144,000 - 180,000 eggs/hour
400 - 500 cases/hour


There are a few different loaders available for the Diamond grading systems:

Grader Type Loader Available
2100 Under Development
Innova 6W Under Development
Innova 12W Diamond 400 Loader/Preloader
Innova 18W Moba 500 FT Loader/Preloader

With a loader, eggs are placed in stacks 6 high onto the pre loader, then are unstacked automatically onto tray carriers, then are transported automatically into the loading area.  The eggs are then unloaded gently from the egg trays onto the spool conveyor of the grader.  The empty trays are gathered and stacked by a tray stacker.  Any trays that have an egg still stuck in them are diverted to a strck egg conveyor where the egg can be maunaly removed by the loader operator.  Most loaders have an optional in line tray washer.