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Diamond Packing Lanes Options

There is a lot of additional equipment that can be added to existing Diamond graders.  All of the equipment below is available for the the INNOVA line of graders, while some of them are available for the 2100 egg graders.  Please contact your local sales rep for more details.

Diamond AP Packer

AP Packer

Additional packing lanes and basket conveyor sections can be added to most of the Diamond brand grading systems.  The AP packer is a totally variable speed system, where every major feature and component functions only as fast as necessary.

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Diamond US Denester


There are several different denesters available for the AP packing lanes...

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Diamond Egg Imprinter

Egg Imprinters

Diamond egg imprinters can be used to stamp special messages onto eggs before the cartons are closed on the reservoirs.

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Diamond Multicaser


The new generation Multicaser™ handles plastic baskets and corrugated boxes and is capable of packing 12 and 18 egg cartons and 30 egg trays into all popular shipping containers.

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Diamond Maunal Packing Lane (PKM)

Manual Packing Lanes

Manual packing lanes can be added to any egg grader, and are basically a conveyor table to carry eggs away from the backet conveyor.

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