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Diamond Grader Updates

Diamond Grader Updates

There are many different updates available for the entire installed fleet of Diamond graders.  Updates are available for the 2100, 8200, 8300, 8400 and Innova grading lines.

Please click on each update in the table below for more information.

Grader types: Available for grader types:
2100 8200/8300 8400 Innova
2 Packer update x x x x
Accumulator Intralox Belting update x x x x
Blood detection update x x x
Crack detection update x
DC2100 update x
DC8300 update x
DC8400 update x
Digital Crack / Leak Lane update x x x x
Digital Scale update x
Dirt Detection Single PC update x x
Dirt Detection update x x x
Loadcell Scale update x
LX800 CPU update x x
Message Center update x
Moba Style Accumulator update x x *
Single Blower Drying System update x x

* Available only on Innova 12W