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Omnia PX

126,000 - 252,000 eggs/hour
350 - 700 cases/hour

Omnia PX 530

Given the increasing demand for efficiency, hygiene and food safety, major steps have been taken within the industry, however, there comes a moment when something truly innovative is required to set a new standard. The new Omnia PX is a complete technological redesign that aims to accomplish the 3 most important goals when it comes to facilitating egg producers:

A cleaner machine in less time

Increased usability

More grade A


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Technical Data 350 530
Min. capacity [eggs/hour] 30,000 45,000
Max. capacity [eggs/hour] 126,000 190,000
Number of transport tracks 4 6
Number of infeed rows 12 18
Min. length without options 12,021 14,026
Max. length without options 22,353 22,882
Width without options 13,981 15,582
Min. no. of packing lanes 10 12
Max. no. of packing lanes 24 24
Power consumption (indicationwithout options) 17KVA 19KVA
Power supply      Suitable for all 3 phase+ neutral systems, both 200-230V and 380-420V, 50 or 60 Hz
Possible configurations
Crack detection + +
Blood detection + +
Leaker detection + +
Dirt detection + +
Configuration PX PX
Inline + +
Offline + +

Moba omnia PX

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Moba Omnia PX Cleaning Features

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