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Diamond Repacker

28,000 eggs/hour
78 cases/hour

Diamond Re-packer

The Diamond Repacker can run up to 80 cases per hour (28,800 eggs per hour) and can pack eggs from a hand vacuum lift, or directly from cage production units into a 10, 12 and 18 egg cartons, and 30- egg trays.  The packaging material can be paper, pulp, styrofoam or PVC clear plastic.  This packaging can be closed and dated for retail stores, giving the producer in specialized markets extra flexibility over standardized 30-egg tray farmpacking. Egg stamping and labeling can also be included in the system.  An optional accumulator, egg washer, egg oiler and candling are all available for on-farm packing. Two or more packers can be installed on a distribution conveyor where eggs are kept separate by age and quality or are blended together with pregraded eggs into the packers reservoir.

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