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CP 12 Casepacker

50,000 eggs/hour
140 cases/hour

CP 12

The CP 12 is the “big brother” of the CP 10. Just like our other Case Packers the CP 12 is also made of stainless steel. This CP 12 which packs consumer packs and trays in to cases as well as crates, not only for packs with 6 eggs per pack row is also suitable for packs with 5 eggs per row. Again, the CP 12 is combining two individual packing robots in one compact machine. For example; one packing robot packs trays in cases and the other robot packs consumer packs into crates. Depending on the pack type each CP 12-half can pack up to 25,000 eggs per hour. In total the entire Case Packer can pack up to 50,000 eggs per hour. Compared to the CP 10, the CP 12 can handle a larger variety of patterns.