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Mopack R

30,000 eggs/hour
84 cases/hour

Mopack R
The Mopack R is a stainless steel machine which can pack eggs in to consumer packs and trays with a maximum capacity of 30,000 eggs/ hour. The machine can be configured as inline”, directly processing eggs from chicken houses. In another configuration this machine can be equipped with a loader, and with that configuration the Mopack R is capable to pack eggs from trays into consumer packs. In the market these type of machines are often called “Repackers”.

The design of the machine is based on the sophisticated and reliable equipment of the Moba Mopack 100. The machine has a well built robust design and has low maintenance technology with its hygienic and easy to clean construction. This makes the Mopack R a reliable machine which will last for many years and is designed for your profit.