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MR 20 Display loader

25,000 - 40,000 eggs/hour
70 - 110 cases/hour

MR 20

The MR 20 packs consumer packs or sealed trays in- or onto displays or shippers. It can be connected behind the egg grading machine in a limited number of configurations, but will mostly be connected offline, through a conveyor system such as Contiflow, away from the egg grading machine.

Depending on the type of egg pack the capacity of the MR 20 can vary from 25,000 up to more than 40,000 eggs per hour. The capacity depends on the number of strokes that is needed to form a single layer, but also on the number of layer pads that is used. As a rule of thumb, one can count with 7.5 cycles per minute. This results in a basic capacity of approximately 36,000 eggs (100 cases) per hour, based on an average of 80 eggs per stroke.

Moba MR 20

25,000 - 40,000 eggs/hour

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