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MR 30 Case-display-combi

25,000 - 40,000 eggs/hour
70 - 110 cases/hour

MR 30

The MR 30 is a smart combination of the capabilities of MR 10 and MR 20 into a very flexible application for further automation of your packing station. This robot can be set up either as case packer or as a display loader. Since the dimensions of the MR 30 are the same as the MR 20, it can only be connected inline, that is behind the egg grading machine in a limited number of configurations and will therefore mostly be positioned offline, that is away from the egg grading machine. The MR 30 can be equipped with all options that are also available for the MR 10 and 20.

Moba MR 30

25,000 - 40,000 eggs/hour

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