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MR60 Case palletizer


MR60 Case palletizer

The MR60 Case Palletizer is capable of palletizing cases and crates filled with consumer packs.

Consumer packs can be put in cases or crates by manual loading, or by automation through case packers. These cases can be stacked on pallets for transport to the retail or distribution centre.

SMS (Second-hand Moba Systems) B.V.

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Technical data MR60
Function Case palletizing
Capacity (cycles/min) 3 - 4
Maximum pallet height ± 2275 including pallet
Footprint indication (L x W) 6520 x 9708 mm
Power supply Suitable for all 3 phase+ neutral systems, both 200-230V or 380-420V, 50 or 60Hz
Air supply

6,5 - 8,5 bar

Air consumption

15 m3/hour (designed as free air with pressure of 1 bar)


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