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Each of our global service support offices has a Moba Helpdesk, all of which are directly linked to the Moba head office, just in case further support is required.

Office Phone nr. Email adres
Moba (Head office) +31 342 455 655 sales@moba.nl
Moba Asia +60 3 7954 4133 info@asia.moba.com.my
Moba Asia (Middle east) +60 17 781 4133 info@asia.moba.com.my
Moba China +86 106 789 2399 sales@moba.com.cn
Moba Japan +81 78 262 5661 info@mobajapan.co.jp
Moba UK +44 1952 615 911 info@mobauk.co.uk
Moba Germany +49 4442 931 00 info@moba-germany.de
Diamond Moba Americas

+1 717 397 3337

Diamond Moba Americas
Farmington Hills

+1 248 476 7100


Diamond Moba Americas

+1 954 384 5828


Besides providing emergency services in critical situations, our Helpdesk staff is also often consulted for instructions on how a machine or certain components work. Our staff can fall back on extensive documentation and technical experience present within the organisation. If necessary, they can even provide immediate support in various languages.Did you know that more than 80% of all emergencies can be resolved by means of an Internet-based diagnosis? Our Omnia sorting machines and various Autopack equipment can be analysed, and many problems can be solved, via the Internet. This enables our Moba Helpdesk staff to see what you see, and more, at a distance. A viewer can be used to check sensors, engines and actuators, for example. A multitude of data-logging systems allows our technical experts to perform quick and accurate analyses. Their object is to have your machine(s) operational according to your requirements as soon as possible!

Our service makes all the difference!