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TEcnovo, Moba-Pelbo's customer in Argentina

A company with a rich history

Tecnovo is one of the most important and well established liquid egg producers in Argentina. The company was founded by a group of major farmers and started producing in 1995. Tecnovo has since become a leader in its sector in Argentina.

Tecnovo has been a loyal customer of Pelbo since they bought their first Pelbo breaker in 2006. That line was produced by Pelbo and is still working today. The relationship between Pelbo and Tecnovo as business partners has grown and become closer throughout the years. As a result, Tecnovo and Pelbo have seen significant growth as companies in their own fields.


Tecnovo produces all kinds of egg products—liquid, frozen and powder—for the national and global markets. Tecnovo integrates the complete production chain, from chicken to egg products, and produces 2.500 tons of liquid egg products per month.


In 2016 Tecnovo formed a cross-disciplinary group, comprised of top management, in order to identify the best technical partner that could help them reach the top of the Argentinian egg product market. This decision-making team was comprised of Mr. Hector Eberle (CEO), Mr. Pablo Asensio (Quality and R&D Manager), and Mr. Fabio Cepeda (Production Manager), and they undertook exhaustive research into all technology suppliers available worldwide.


In October 2017, Tecnovo chose to entrust its growth and its future to Moba-Pelbo, as a result of our technology and high-capacity equipment, our high-quality, wear-resistant parts, our high standards of hygiene, and our many years of proven good service.

The current situation
 In June 2019 we met with Tecnovo once again. After several years of collaboration, we had the opportunity to learn how the company was getting on with the equipment. The company's vice-president, Mr. Pablo Asensio, put into words how he and his management team feel about the collaboration with Moba-Pelbo.

Why did you choose Moba-Pelbo?

“Because we got on well with Moba-Pelbo's employees, on both a technical and personal level, and that gave us confidence to make the investment.”

Based on your current experience, what would you particularly like to emphasize?

“We are very satisfied with the Pelbo loader—it was one of the key factors in our decision to buy Pelbo. The Crono loader features a high load capacity and performs very well with different kinds of trays and eggs. This is especially important in markets like ours, where cardboard and plastic trays are used interchangeably. Downtime has been reduced significantly, and it is perfect in a wet environment.”

What do you have to say about the performance of the new breaker?

“We have been using Pelbo for over 10 years and we especially like the reliability of the equipment. I must say that the new equipment further improves this characteristic, as its parts are very low-wearing. We are also very happy with the quality of separation demonstrated by the new yolk scanner, which has given us significant improvements, especially in albumen quality. Also, the breaker's new CIP feature is very good for keeping bacteria levels low, and saves labor during cleaning.”

How would you describe your experience to date?

“Considering that we have seen increased capacity, drastically improved separation rates, and a reduction of costs for production, cleaning, and maintenance, I can say that at the moment we are extremely satisfied. Our expectations based on what was sold to us, and the equipment that we received, correspond perfectly. It truly is world-class equipment.”

You have worked with Pelbo for many years, even before they entered the Moba Group. How would you define your current relationship with the new Moba-Pelbo?

“Our relationship, and the team of people we work with hasn't changed. We have been very satisfied during all project phases—before installation, during assembly, and aftersales—both from a technical perspective and in terms of the quality of communication. Mutual understanding between the Moba-Pelbo and Tecnovo teams has resulted in important synergies, allowing the equipment to evolve. Moba-Pelbo knows how to collaborate perfectly with Tecnovo team. From our point of view, this is a difficult quality to find—effective two-way communication between customer and supplier."


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