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Case erector MCE 20

State of art case packing

To maximise the Case Packer MR12 Moba developed, in close cooperation with Technikkels, the Double Case Erector, MCE20. The new Case Erector will take a flat case, unfold it or erect it, as the name says, and close the bottom firmly with hotmelt glue. It can produce 2 different box formats, simultaneously and independently due to the two case stores. Placing the MCE20 in-line with the MR12 creates an optimised layout and utilises the MR12 to its full potential.  

Unique features are:

  • The capability to handle left and right-handed boxes without the need to change parts.
  • The ability to fill the carton-stores while production of a maximum of 9 cases per minute (both channels) continues.
  • Ability to change case sizes on one side and continue operation on the other side mostly.
  • As cases change rapidly you can simply add and configure new case formats.

The MCE20 is developed as an plug-and-play option of the MR12. After installation in only one day the training of operators as well as production can start immediately. Due to transparent covers in both MCE20 and MR12 the operator has a clear view on the total process. The aligned HMI and safety concept of both Moba modules helps to understand and operate the total configuration efficiently and reduce valuable labour.

The MCE20 is now available with hotmelt glue. Bottom closing with tape is under development and commercial release is expected mid of 2018.


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