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The Forta promises reliable topline technology, high hygienic standards and can be configured to your specific needs.

The Forta is a game changer in the egg industry, a grader with a capacity of 100 cases/hour full of high-end features and an easy to control operating system. The machine is incorporated into Moba’s individual egg handling concept. This means that from the time the eggs arrive on the rollers at the infeed section all the way down to the consumer pack any contact between eggs is avoided to reduce the chance of cross contamination. All of today's market requirements regarding hygiene such as a washable infeed and packing lanes with removable parts for cleaning post-production are met. The Forta can be configured to your specific needs which means you can add options such as an Egg Inspector, Crack Detector and Blood Detector. That makes the Forta your future-proof machine platform.

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product specifications


Technical Data Forta GT100
Function Grading and packing eggs on weight and/or defects
Min. capacity [eggs/hour] 18.000
Max. capacity [eggs/hour] 36.000
Number of transport tracks 1
Number of infeed rows 6
Min. length without options 4393
Width without options 9318
Min. no. of Packing lanes 2
Max. no. of Packing lanes 18


Possible configurations
Crack detection +
Blood detection +
Leaker detection +
Dirt detection +
Inline +
Offline +


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