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ZB100 Loader

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ZB100 Loader

The Pelbo ZB100 is an automatic egg loading machine designed for low capacity egg breaking machines.

It is designed to load eggs on breaking machines, ranging from 10,000, up to 45,000 eggs per hour (27-125 cph) and is built entirely out of stainless steel. The loader deposits 60 eggs in a single cycle (12 eggs wide), and is usually configured as a side-loader.

The ZB100 incorporates a loading belt for single trays, tray stacker, safety controls and a main control panel in a single “all-in-one “ configuration. It requires only one operator who can deposit the egg trays, remove empty- and stuck egg trays.


SMS (Second-hand Moba Systems) B.V.

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Technical Data ZB100
Min. capacity (eggs/hour) 10,000
Max. capacity (eggs/hour) 45,000
Min. capacity (cases/hour) 27
Max. capacity (cases/hour) 125
Loader type semi/auto Included


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