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moba case inspector 10

To identify and mark products

The Moba Case Inspector 10 is a fully automatic product inspection and marking system based on vision technology that can identify and mark max. 900 full cases per hour, and 1600 half-cases per hour. The MCI10 is designed to work as a stand-alone piece of equipment and is easy to operate. All the required products can be trained and stored in the system.

The main function of the MCI10 is the identification of products. After identification, the required product information, including a barcode, is marked to ease further identification, for instance at the palletiser. The product can be marked with a printed label or with direct print on the box. Vision technology is applied for the identification process. A camera makes an image of the top layer of the case and compares it against images stored in the database.


 Additional identification methods

If the same pack or tray is used in different cases or crates, weight information is gathered to determine the right product. If the combination of pack image and case image is still not sufficient for identification, an optional barcode reader can be applied to read an additional barcode on the outer case. The moment that the system reads a known barcode, this will be the input for the identification. The image and/or weight will be ignored.

The MCI10 has also an optional verification feature. The actual pack image and/or the weight of the case, will be checked against the product data belonging to the barcode on the outer case. 


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