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midwest poultry show 2020


The Midwest Poultry Federation (MPF) Board of Directors has made the decision that the Midwest Poultry Show will not be held next week due to risk of  coronavirus. The MPF Board will explore potential options for dates later this summer.

As the largest poultry convention in the U.S. that is 100% focused on poultry, the Midwest Poultry Show is committed to showcasing all that the poultry industry has to offer. Moba is attending this exhibition and you are most welcome to join us. You can find us at booth 742.

At the Midwest Poultry Show, we will showcase our latest innovations. You can take a closer look at our FPX100 Farmpacker with Tray Stacker and Tray Palletizer. The FPX100 Farmpacker handles 36,000 eggs per hour and is equipped with innovative features like state-of-the-art control systems, an automatic speed up and slow down feature based on the amount of egg flow and servo motor driven pushers which allow more accurate and varied indexes for different size trays. The FPX100 Farmpacker can be connected with a Tray Stacker, that automatically stacks trays on top of each other, and a Tray Palletizer, a system which automatically places a row of stacks on a pallet. Our experienced sales team can tell you all about the equipment and what the FXP100 Farmpacker can do for your business.

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What: Midwest Poultry Show

When: Postponed

Where: Minneapolis, United States



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