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D.A. Hall & Co's commitment to innovation

Impressed by the performance of the MR12 

Automation, such as a robot that automatically palletizes stacks of trays, represents the industry's movement towards increasing efficiency and capacity and reducing the need for labor. That is why many egg producers around the globe are committing to robotics, such as our Australian customer D.A. Hall.

Maximizing efficiency

The mission of D.A. Hall, one of the largest poultry farms that supplies eggs all over Australia, is to produce high-quality, farm-fresh eggs laid by healthy, well-cared-for chickens by implementing innovative practices at every step of the process. In D.A. Hall's search for a new grader, the company came across Moba. In 2011, they invested in an Omnia FT500 and CP12 case packers to maximize the efficiency of the business.


Since then, D.A. Hall has continually been an early adopter of innovations, resulting in high levels of efficiency on the grading floor. Over the years, the grader has consistently been updated with the latest available features, such as iMoba, crack per supplier software and an upgraded Egg inspector. Mr. Don Trefz, general manager for the supply chain, is full of praise for iMoba, Moba's cloud-based app, which automatically collects and updates the data of your egg grader. "By using iMoba, we have improved our OEE by 5%. The Performance Pro module in particular has helped us a lot. We are now able to monitor the performance of the equipment and the quality of the eggs in real-time, which has given us an edge in identifying both negative and positive changes in the production process." 

MR12 — impressive performance

With the arrival of the new generation of case packers, it was a logical step for D.A. Hall to acquire these as well. Mr. Trefz is really happy with the performance of the MR12s: "After the first two MR12 case packers were installed, we were very impressed with both the production output and the reliability. It exceeded our expectations so we didn't have to think twice about ordering two more units." 


Mr. Shahul from Moba Asia led the installation process and has done a great job of commissioning the case packers, while minimizing the impact on production, according to Mr. Trefz. "The installation was completed without any loss of production. And we saw improvements overnight with double the output capacity, compared to the CP12s. We have introduced new product lines to the MR12s and Moba Asia has helped us a lot, setting up and commissioning these products remotely. With this investment in Moba robotics, we can take the company to the next level."


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