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Customer journey of Billerbecker Frisch Ei Vertrieb

Upgrading the packing station with Moba robotics

Automation is the future of the egg industry. Therefore, more frequently egg producers are committing to robotics. Producers such as our customer Billerbecker Frisch Ei Vertrieb. This company from Germany invested in an MR12, among other things, and together with Moba found a solution to fit all the new equipment.


Billerbecker Frisch Ei Vertrieb is a packing station just over the Dutch border in Germany. In this packing station, up to 500,000 eggs are daily processed. The brand Billerbecker Frisch Ei stands for fresh, high-quality eggs. "We use our own logistics to collect the eggs from our contract farmers and deliver them directly to retailers after they have been checked by detection systems, graded and packed. With the help of state-of-the-art technology and our motivated team, our customers can count on fresh, flawless eggs of the best quality," Mr. Wilhelm Voss, the proud owner of Billerbecker Frisch Ei Vertrieb, explains. "Freshness and quality are our standards, and every day we work hard to ensure that our eggs meet those standards. Our organic, free-range and barn eggs find their way from selected farms to our customers in the shortest time possible."

With the help of state-of-the-art technology and our motivated team, our customers can count on fresh, flawless eggs of the best quality.

Finding the solution together

Billerbecker Frisch Ei wanted to upgrade its packing station using automation. After investigating the options Moba has to offer, the company decided to go with the MR12 case packer, including the case erector, Contiflow and a full case conveying system. Voss was enthusiastic about what this new equipment could do for his company. However, one challenge remained — how to fit everything on a plot space of approximately 10x4 meters. So, the puzzle began…


It seemed like an impossible plan to fit all the puzzle pieces, but together with the customer, a solution was found. The customer agreed that, after the installation of the equipment, Billerbecker would take care of suitable building modifications and additions to living up to the CE regulations and ensure a safe working environment for its employees. With this agreement, the order was signed and Moba started on the project to design, fabricate and install the equipment at the customer's plant.


And in the end, what seemed like an impossible project has now been commissioned as a successful project, with all the equipment up and running. Voss is very satisfied and happy that Moba was open to their ideas and that, together, they came to a solution that made it possible for Billerbecker to take the company to the next level while ensuring the safety of its employees.


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