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The success of the R.P.M. Group from Thailand

Committed to bringing quality products and excellent services

The journey of our customer R.P.M. Group, one of the largest companies in North Thailand that provides service and equipment for stock layer farms, hatcheries, laying hen farms, feed mills and egg operations, started back in 1962 when pioneer Mr. Chan Wejjakul began his business.



When he started his company, the focus was on breeding and selling ducks in Chiangmai. At the time, R.P.M. was the very first company in the region that offered the ability to choose the ducks' gender. This turned out to be a great formula for success and the business kept on growing. Wejjakul added animal feed, farming equipment and animal medicine to the business and in 1970, he opened his first agricultural supply store in San Pa Khoi, Chiangmai and also started his first farm in San Pa Tong, Chiangmai. Strategic adaptability has always been one of R.P.M. Group’s success factors. In the early nineties, there was an increasing demand for eggs in Thailand as the national economy developed. The company hopped on the business opportunity and invested in a fully integrated layer business that covers feed, farm and food throughout the supply chain.


Step by step, more chains of the chicken-egg process became part of the business and therefore, there was a need for egg grading equipment. They decided to put their trust in Moba as their manufacturer and purchased a manual hand grader with a capacity of 4,500 eggs/hour. That was back in 1991. Twenty years later, R.P.M. was in search of an egg grader that automatically grades all the eggs to ensure the high quality of the products, optimize the efficiency of the business and enhance the capacity. They chose to go with the Moba Omnia. Nowadays the R.P.M. Group uses four types of machines: the Moba 9A, Omnia XF170, Omnia FT330 and the first installed Omnia XF2-170 in Thailand. 


To date, the company is proud to have over 500 employees in the R.P.M. Group’s family, a team that day in, day out processes over 800,000 eggs to service their customers. "Over the past 60 years, our business philosophy has been "We Sell Quality". Our commitment to the quality of our products has been shown through our constant improvement in the farming, production, quality control and distribution systems through innovation and technology. From farm to table, the R.P.M. Group is committed to bringing quality products and excellent services."


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