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The customer journey of the Lodewijckx Group

Top-quality egg white with Synchro626 breakers

It is our mission to support our customers by developing, servicing and optimizing the best-value egg grading, packaging and processing solutions. And we are grateful when customers continue to put their trust in us. The Lodewijckx Group has been a Moba-Pelbo customer for many years. When the Belgian company needed new breakers, the company did extensive research and concluded that investing in Moba's Synchro breakers was the way to go.


Company history

Fifty years ago, the family Lodewijckx established their company 'Lodewijckx' with a focus on selling high-quality eggs and egg products in Belgium. In 1992, Lodewijckx decided that, from that point on, all of its products would be consolidated under the single brand name Cocovite. This brand focuses on egg products that fulfill customers' most specific expectations. From liquid egg products to pasteurized shell eggs — every day, Cocovite products find their way to customers in various segments. Through the years, the Lodewijckx Group has specialized and built up a strong position in the growing food service market in North West Europe and the Belgian retail market and developed innovative products in small packaging for the food service market, such as long-life protein, scrambled egg mix and pancake mix.


In 2019, the Lodewijckx Group decided to join forces with the Van Beek Group. The Van Beek Group is an independent family business with a 100-year history. Since its foundation, it has been its mission to play a wholehearted role as the connection between the various links in the food chain. They achieve this by connecting poultry farmers with supermarkets and the food industry. Their goal, now and in the future, is to produce eggs and egg products responsibly and to continuously improve this process. By joining the Van Beek Group, the Lodewijckx Group has more opportunities in the future.



Top-quality separation

As the company continued to grow, there was a need for new breaking equipment that would expand the capacity. Their search for the best available breaker on the market began at the end of 2020. The Lodewijckx Group has been a Moba-Pelbo customer for many years. Their conclusion after extensive research was that Moba's Synchro626 breaker, the largest egg breaker/separator in the world, offers unmatched performance compared to all other machines on the market.


Ten months ago, the two Synchro626 breakers were installed, and they met all the expectations. The Plant Manager of Lodewijckx, Mr. Yvo Wintjens, has nothing but praise for the new Synchro626 breakers. "We were looking for a reliable breaker that offers the highest yield. After months of running, we can only say that the separation is flawless, which has resulted in the cleanest egg whites. We are amazed by the results achieved. The low operating costs make the Synchro-breaker the ideal equipment for us."


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