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The Story of Granja Rujamar, Spain  

By Paul de Schouwer - Sales Director Moba Group

Granja Rujamar is a small poultry farm. The company has existed since 1984 and was set up by the Martínez Hernaiz family and is located in the Spanish province of Cuenca. It is located between Madrid and Valencia.

The province of Cuenca has an agricultural background and has definitely earned the name of the 'granary' of Spain.

The rich history and culture of this area goes as far back as the eighth century and this is still very apparent in one of the smaller towns, also called Cuenca. The city walls were built by the Moors at about that time.

After Granja Rujamar  was set up in 1984, the company grew from being a local supplier to a provincial supplier with a good reputation. The eggs sold well and the stability within the company would possibly also offer opportunities for further expansion.

However, for further expansion of his company, Mr. Martínez needed the help of one of his sons (he had four children; two daughters and two sons).  The oldest son Rubén would be the most suitable person to succeed his father and to expand the company.  However, Rubén had become a sports teacher and preferred to continue with this career.
So the second son was chosen. Mr. Martínez was to teach him the ins and outs of the profession and thus ensure that his company would continue. Meanwhile, plans were prepared  for expansion and various small investments had  been made.

During this transfer period, his son, the successor, was killed in a car accident. The family's sorrow was great but the question also loomed up of how they would carry on.

Rubén, who was aware of his father's sorrow as well as his sense of powerlessness, decided to give up his sports career and to help his father to continue the family business.

Within two years after the car accident, his father died. People said that he died from a broken heart, from the loss of his son.

Rubén was faced with the difficult task of continuing and expanding the company alone. He studied the market thoroughly and only saw possibilities in "cage-free systems" for the future.

"I only want Moba", says Rubén. "The possibilities of these sorters really suit my wishes and the service is excellent!"


He examined, studied and expanded his vision into a policy and set to work. He expanded his company, sold the cages and adapted the accommodation for the chickens, in fitting with his vision. The grain silos were modernized, expanded with equipment to process the bought premixes in the self-mixed basic feed, so that work could also be carried out in a self-supporting way.

Rubén turned out to have found a gap in the market. With the slogan "a chicken should not live in a cage", he marketed his product and... the consumer was ready for it. With his vision, Rubén was ahead of his competitors and therefore realized a firm market position.


A good sorter also fitted with this vision and via SMS an Omnia 170 was purchased, but after some time the capacity turned out to be insufficient and an Omnia 330 was bought via our agent in Alcantara, Spain. This meant that the capacity was doubled.

Nine months after the purchase of the 330, the capacity fell short, due to the increasing consumer demand for eggs.
The Omnia 330 has been replaced by an  Omnia 500  and in the near future a contiflow system from Moba will be delivered installed.
"I only want Moba", says Rubén. "The possibilities of these sorters really suit my wishes and the service is excellent"


I would  like to visit Rubén Martínez of Granja Rujamar. A man who was given a raw deal, losing his brother and father shortly after each other and who gave up his beloved sports career to continue the family company. A man with a clear vision and knows what he wants.


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