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The customer journey of chew's agriculture pte ltd

High-tech Moba equipment to increase productivity

With more than 30 years of history in the egg industry, Chew's Agriculture is one of the leading producers of fresh eggs in Singapore. Over the years, they have built a strong presence and brand identity in supplying high-quality eggs to consumers in Singapore. For its new egg-laying farm in Neo Tiew Road, Chew's Agriculture decided to put its trust in Moba and purchased high-tech equipment to increase productivity.


In recent years, the total local egg production has been up to 26% of the total consumption in Singapore. Chew's Agriculture specializes in the production and distribution of designer eggs that contain specific value-added nutrients, as well as generic shell eggs. They are also committed to the production and distribution of liquid egg products. In order to keep up with the increasing market demands, Chew's Agriculture has invested in new equipment that includes climate-controlled poultry houses, egg collection systems and egg grading and packing machines, which will not only increase capacity but also the efficiency of the production.

New site, new possibilities

Chew's Agriculture started the construction of the new farm at Neo Tiew Road in 2018. The aim was to produce at least 800,000 eggs a day at the new site. In order to increase the efficiency of the production, they ordered new equipment from Moba. The installation was completed a year later. This included:  

- Omnia PX530 inline setup with complete automatic detection

- Moba2500 with egg washer and dryer for washing specialty

- Moba Pelbo Ovolution1300, a complete line egg processing plant

The egg graders Omnia PX530 and Moba2500 were installed before the COVID-19 pandemic and are currently up and running. Chew's Agriculture is very satisfied with its new equipment as the Omnia PX530 plays a vital role in the daily production. They also appreciate the support and services provided by Moba to commission the machines before travel restrictions were imposed. The Director of the company, Mr. Edvin Lim, believes that achieving a high level of productivity lies in choosing the right equipment and finds Moba the ideal partner for offering a complete solution.


To expand its product portfolio, Chew's Agriculture also decided to invest in Moba-Pelbo egg processing line. The Ovolution1300 system was purchased as it has high-quality performance and is easy to operate. The installation will take place in the summer of 2020.

Keep a close eye on our website as we will follow up on this project.


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