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Sri Lung Pang Farm, our customer from Thailand

Higher product quality and increased capacity with the Moba Omnia

It is our mission to support our customers by developing, servicing and optimizing the best value egg grading, packaging and processing solutions. And we are grateful when customers continuously put their trust in us. Our customer from Thailand, Sri Lung Pang Farm, has been a loyal customer since 2006.


Sri Lung Pang Farm was founded in 1994. Its motto since its foundation has always been 'Stay small but strong'. It puts the focus on the high quality of the eggs it sells not the quantity. The farm does everything to ensure that consumers can enjoy the most delicious and healthy eggs. Its target market is traders, wholesale, department stores and bakery factories. Through the years, the company has established a strong household name within the egg industry. Sri Lung Pang Farm stands for high quality. With great success; the team has grown into 90 employees, who are committed to these quality standards every day.


Omnia XF125 – reliable and efficient

The customer journey of Moba and Sri Lung Pang Farm began in 2006. That is when the first Omnia XF125 with inline setup was installed in Thailand at Sri Lung Pang Farm's plant. At first, the egg grader processed around 30,000 eggs per hour. Two years later, as the company grew, the capacity of the Omnia was increased to 60,000 eggs per hour.


Through the years, the Omnia XF125 had proven to be a reliable machine for the company and indispensable for the daily production. To ensure that the machine stayed in top condition, the company signed a preventive maintenance service contract. By doing so, the chance of malfunctions was considerably lower and the products were of a higher quality. And to make sure that Sri Lung Pang got the most out of its Omnia, employees of the company attended the courses at Moba's Technical Training Center at Barneveld, the Netherlands, to learn all the ins and outs. With the help of Moba's skilled trainers, Sri Lung Pang Farm brought the machine downtime to a minimum level.


High-quality products

In 2018, the company was ready for the next step. By investing in the new Omnia FT330 inline setup with completely automated detection, the company improved the quality of its eggs and ensured that the high demands of today's market regarding food safety were met. The capacity was doubled which saved significantly on the egg grading hours. Now the eggs can be graded and delivered to the consumers on the same day.


And that was not all that Sri Lung Pang added to its plant. It also invested in an independent egg washer, drying and oiling line with an automatic egg packing machine (the Moba repacker) so that the plant would be able to meet the special egg demands made by certain companies. The owner of the company, Ms. Anne Pichapas Boonkerdsupsin, is very happy with the Moba equipment and especially appreciates the grading software of the Omnia, which allows the company to grade and pack selected products required by customers more efficiently and effectively.


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