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Shell strength detection is now available for retrofitting

Control the quality of your eggs even better

Moba is committed to implementing the latest technologies that enhance food safety and efficiency. A great example of this is the recent introduction of shell strength detection — and now we can offer this latest development in crack detection to even more customers since it is now available for retrofitting on Omnia graders with single-hit crack detectors.


Moba acoustic crack detection has been around for many years, yet it is still considered one of the most reliable ways to detect hairline cracks in eggs. Over the years, a number of significant changes have been made to further improve reliability. There are currently three different types of systems:

·        Double-hit crack detector (hits every egg twice), which can be found in Omnia XF models and lower-capacity graders.

·        Single-hit crack detector (hits every egg once, with a different probe arrangement).

·        Shell Inspector, which is the single-hit configuration with Linux-based control software.

The Shell Inspector was launched some years ago, and shell strength detection was introduced as an add-on shortly after. Unfortunately, there have been a number of issues with its introduction, primarily due to the outbreak of Covid-19 and the subsequent shortage of some of the key components needed for shell strength detection. This unfortunate event has caused some delays in its introduction.


New Omnia graders have been released with shell strength detection for some time now. However, the delay to being able to retrofit existing Shell Inspectors with this option was not completely resolved. New MMI software had to be released to enable shell strength configuration in the product on the grader. This new version (V117) was subject to extensive testing to make sure that the various product mixes with regard to crack, blood, brown, dirt and shell strength worked seamlessly together. This specific software also has greater minimum system requirements, meaning that at least a (quad-core) MMI-PC is necessary (fortunately, this specific MMI PC has been supplied with every new grader for some time now).


To make things even more interesting, it became apparent that the current Omnia MasterControl PC generation, which plays a vital role in the grading process, would stop being available in the near future. To make sure that shell strength detection is not adversely affected by this, the software for processing shell strength data has been added to a new generation of MasterControl PC rather than to the old, obsolete computer. Furthermore, the MMI version 117 has been adapted to integrate with this MasterControl.


To cut a long story short, the Shell Inspector including shell strength detection is now available for retrofitting on Omnia graders with single-hit crack detectors: Omnia XF2, FT and PX. Since the option requires the software to be updated to V117 and the MasterControl PC to be replaced (as well as crack detection to be revised), every request for a quotation will trigger a remote machine configuration check to determine the specific impact of the change and a hassle-free upgrade.