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End of life message for FortiGate internet gAtEway

Important reminder: Switch to Remote Engineer

All Omnia graders can be serviced remotely via the Internet. This enables the Moba HelpDesks around the world to examine your equipment and quickly diagnose 90% of all problems which can occur. For example, if there is an incorrect setting in the setup of your grading program, this remote connection is very useful to assist your staff in getting your production up and running as quickly as possible.


Firewall – Safety first !!

A firewall is a security barrier that prevents strangers from accessing your valuable equipment and processes, often created in the form of a software program. Firewall software works well but can be switched off or configured incorrectly. Therefore, in order to offer you a safe connection, Moba has always used a physical firewall.


The first generation of firewalls Moba used was the FortiGate made by Fortinet. Unfortunately, this system is becoming outdated and since FortiGate is no longer supported, we can no longer guarantee you a safe remote connection.   

test-1Fortigate 50B is no longer supported


Therefore, we advise our customers using FortiGate to switch to the model currently used for all Internet traffic for Moba equipment, known as the Remote Engineer.

Are you using FortiGate?

The FortiGate 50B was used by Moba between approximately 2005 and 2011. Some machines older than that may have FortiGate because of upgrades performed during the lifetime of the machine. At the same time, there will be machines from that period that were also updated and already have the new system called Remote Engineer. Therefore we suggest you check for yourself. If you need help to determine if you have FortiGate, please contact the Moba HelpDesk.


To check, a skilled person who is aware of the electrical safety measures to take, can open the main electrical cabinet of the machine. Look inside the cabinet for a system that resembles the picture above. It holds network UTP cables going to the various computers in the Omnia. If this system carries the name "FortiGate", then this message applies to you.

Replacement kit

We can offer you a replacement kit to use yourself to keep costs to a minimum. If you prefer, we can combine this kit with a service visit. We can offer a do-it-yourself kit including instructions for a special price. If you want to combine the kit with a service visit, please contact your Moba representative.

You need to take action because keeping FortiGate as a firewall will ultimately result in our HelpDesk being unable to service your equipment remotely.


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