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Egg processing success in Italy

Gallinovo Group enters the egg liquid products market

Processing has become a world-leading activity within the Moba Group. In the last few years, we have commissioned over 50 complete processing plants and supported customers embarking on new adventures, such as our Italian customer, Gallinovo Group, which entered the egg liquid products market in 2020.


The success of Gallinovo Group

In 1994, the Gallinovo Group was founded thanks to the creativity of Mr. Gennaro Visconti and his family. The Visconti family has always been committed to the value of food production, focusing first on many different types of bakery products. Over the years, the business extended to food in general. In 2006, attracted by animal welfare, the family decided to invest in the sector of laying hens, introducing themselves to the production of eggs for human consumption. Four years later, the time was right for modernization, renovation and the expansion of the first production site to strengthen their market position and adapt to modern times. Then, in 2016, the first organic farm, located in Monteroduni (Isernia), was built, with the welfare of the hens and the environment in mind. In 2019, an egg shelling and processing project came to life in Capriati a Volturno, where a modern design structure met all the requirements of today's industry.

We produce fresh eggs of the highest quality, which respect the entire ecosystem and meet all food safety standards, guaranteeing a 100% controlled and certified supply chain from the beginning.

All these production sites represent the philosophy of Gallinovo: quality first! Nowadays, the Gallinovo Group produces 300,000 eggs per day on four different farms, directly and indirectly managed, producing biological and barn eggs that are mostly sold in large-scale distribution. Gennaro and his team are proud of what they have achieved: "We produce fresh eggs of the highest quality, which respect the entire ecosystem and meet all food safety standards, guaranteeing a 100% controlled and certified supply chain from the beginning. The hens and Mother Nature are our most precious resources, hence our decision to raise the hens on integrated and sustainable farms as well as invest in outdoor, organic and probiotic farms. Our company is the mirror of an ethical model based on solid traditional values that are rooted in our business culture. That is why our hens are left free to peck and are fed only with plant and natural feed. Love for our land and hens comes before anything else."


New market, new opportunities

In 2020, the company decided to enter the egg liquid products market. Mr. Pasquale Visconti, Gennaro's son, is the egg liquid processing company manager and, with his team, promotes the family brand in the liquid egg market. To do so, they needed top-quality and reliable equipment to ensure this adventure would become a success. After extensive research, they believed that Moba-Pelbo was the way to go and decided to invest in the Pelbo Ovolution 1300 processing line to produce 1,500 kg/h of pasteurized liquid eggs.


The Moba-Pelbo engineering team helped them with the construction aspects and equipment dimensions and characteristics in all of the working areas to obtain maximum efficiency in the performance of the line. This approach resulted in a perfectly functional processing line where all spaces were properly dimensioned. The line includes a 45,000 egg/hour breaking line to produce whole eggs and separated products, and a complete automatic raw product handling line, including an automatic filter cooler plate exchanger and raw product storage tanks. From here, a 1,500 liter/hour pasteurizer unit pasteurizes the product using cavitation shock reaction technology. The product is then filled into box packs and a carton filler line. To complete the line, the machine is also equipped with an automatic CIP unit to clean the entire processing and filler line in a loop.

Pasquale is excited about the new equipment: "After a customization process and the necessary time to get to know the procedures, our impression is that the system works very well. In particular, the pasteurizer, the beating heart of the entire mechanism, is highly reliable and the shelling machine is very effective, but above all very efficient, generating very little waste of the shells. The Moba-Pelbo-team has supported us from the moment the construction of the plant started until now, always available at any time. This is no small thing, given the time we are living in."


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