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Chew’s Agriculture adds liquid egg processing capability

Reaping the benefits of the Ovolution1300

One of the leading producers of fresh eggs in Singapore, Chew’s Agriculture, specializes in the production and distribution of designer eggs that contain specific value-added nutrients, such as omega 3, omega 6 and organic selenium. To expand its product portfolio, Chew's Agriculture invested in the Moba egg processing line in 2020. They committed to the easy-to-operate Ovolution1300 system due to its high-quality performance.


New opportunities

In Singapore, an average of 5 million shell eggs is consumed daily. More than 70% of these eggs are imported from Malaysia while the remaining 30% are supplied by local farms. This reliance on a single major foreign supplier makes Singaporean egg producers and consumers vulnerable to price fluctuations. There is also a high risk of supply disruption due to unforeseen circumstances such as the outbreak of avian flu or other diseases. That is why shell egg alternatives, like egg powder and liquid eggs, are emerging. Since egg powder and liquid eggs are shell eggs processed into different forms, they provide the same nutritional value. These alternatives help to mitigate the impact of a supply interruption.


There are more benefits to adding liquid eggs to your portfolio. As these products are first pasteurized to eliminate salmonella and other micro-organisms, they are free from cross-contamination. Additional advantages of these egg products include lesser storage space needed, low risk of breakages and longer shelf life. It is no wonder that more egg producers in Singapore are investigating the benefits of adding egg processing capability to their operation.


That is exactly what our customer, Chew’s Agriculture from Singapore embarked on. When they started the construction of the new farm at Neo Tiew Road in 2018, they not only intended to increase the daily production capacity to 800,000 eggs per day but also decided to expand their production capability to include liquid egg processing. Having used Moba egg grading and packing equipment for years, Chew’s Agriculture was already familiar with Moba. Naturally, when they were exploring liquid egg processing, they looked to Moba as well. Needing a modern and completely integrated liquid egg processing system, they eventually decided on Moba’s Ovolution1300.


Smooth process

The Ovolution system is an easy-to-operate liquid egg processing equipment with a cutting-edge egg breaking mechanism that is very efficient. The machine has a small footprint and can produce a wide variety of egg products. Due to prevailing Covid-19 traveling restrictions, Moba engineers were not able to travel to Singapore for the equipment installation and start-up at Chew’s Agriculture’s plant. However, with remote support from the engineers at Moba Italia and additional guidance from the Moba Asia office, the equipment installation proceeded without a hitch. The "plug-and-play" design of the Ovolution, where all units are pre-assembled on a stainless steel skid, ensured this quick and easy installation. Equipment testing, commissioning and operator training were also successfully done remotely. This was all made possible by Ovolution1300’s colored touchscreen visual display which gives access to all the required information and settings so that our engineers could help the operator with any activity.

Since the beginning of 2021, the equipment has been up and running. Chew’s Agriculture is very happy with its easy-to-operate Ovolution13000 and is amazed by the high performance of the new equipment. Now they can reach new customers and markets with their liquid egg products.


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