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Moba joins forces with Meggson

Focus on developing intelligent packaging solutions

Moba is proud to announce that it has partnered up with Meggson, formerly known as Cobot Automation, to better serve the market with placed egg handling solutions. Meggson's knowledge and experience in automatic egg handling will enable Moba to take egg-packaging solutions to the next level.

Since its foundation in 1997, Meggson has made automation products for efficient egg handling. Based on its clear vision and ambition, the company develops intelligent solutions. Its motto is "Simplify to perform," which means making sure that its customers can achieve maximum results with minimum effort and with the least possible time and space. The company's equipment is known to be compact and easy to use, supported by smart and innovative technology. With Moba's growing portfolio focusing on automation, more useful matches started to emerge between Moba and Meggson.


To serve mutual customers in the best possible way, Meggson and Moba have signed a strategic cooperation agreement for placed egg handling solutions. This will result in a wider proposition to the market and is fully supported by Moba's international sales and service network.


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