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Moba's agent agrovo in the spotlight 

25th Anniversary

Agrovo is Moba’s agent in Russia, with its head office in Vienna, Austria and representative offices in Moscow and Kiev. This year Agrovo, a specialist in the supply of machinery to large poultry farms, is celebrating its 25th anniversary. To celebrate this joyful occasion Agrovo will organize a special Christmas gathering. At a special place, with a special program to surprise the team. 

Agrovo has been an agent for Moba since 1997. The company’s founder Mr. Michael Langeder cherish the close cooperation with Moba: “Moba has always been flexible and supportive in every aspect. Our first long serving Area Sales Manager, Harrie Lancee, displayed a lot of stamina, patience and tolerance travelling along with me and my colleagues. His successor, Ed van Ommeren, was also a perfect match. We don’t need many words to define a common approach to every single business case.”


All our achievements would not have been possible if we did not have Moba as our main supplier.

Agrovo’s journey

Mr. Michael Langeder also takes a closer look at his company’s journey: “To be honest, when I started Agrovo in 1994 I did not have a clear picture of its direction. I was in contact with several companies at that time and believed that our focus would develop through our association. One of the key moments was meeting Roskar’s director, Valery Goryachev, in Vienna. We immediately had a connection. Their poultry farm was nothing compared to what it is today. Roskar is a pioneer, and its status in the industry has become our golden ticket to collaborate with other companies. At that point I could never have imagined that one day we would capture almost the entire market in the former USSR and install more than 230 Moba machines, including 167 Omnia’s.”

“All our achievements would not have been possible if we did not have Moba as our main supplier. We are proud that our company is constantly growing, despite the unstable political and economic situation, both in Russia and in other countries under our management. We cooperate closely with our valued customers and maintain friendly relationships with them. Below you can read testimonials from some of our customers.” 


Valery GoryachevPresident and main shareholder of Roskar Poultry Farm

“For us Agrovo was one of the first foreign companies we worked with, and they played a significant role in the development of our company. We want to stay up-to-date, being the first company to purchase the latest and most promising equipment. We now work exclusively with Moba equipment: one Omnia PX700 and two Omnia FT500.”


Lyudmila KostevaMain shareholder of Volzhanin

“Agrovo was initially not very impressed with Volzhanin. I remember that Michael was in shock when he first saw our company the way it was then. However, over several years we made revolutionary changes, completely reconstructing the factory to the highest standards. We pay tribute to Agrovo’s enthusiasm, which helped us to expand our horizons. Now we grade all our eggs on Moba machines. Agrovo has become a reliable partner for us. We have had a personal friendship for many years.”


Evgeny NesvatGeneral Director of Borovskaya Poultry Farm

“We have been working with Agrovo for about 20 years and would highly praise the team’s professionalism. The most recent proof of that was the complete reconstruction of our plant under Agrovo’s guidance that went far beyond delivering equipment. As a result, we not only installed egg graders, but also a comprehensive logistic solution.”


Oleg LyakinGeneral Director of Okskoe

“When we chose our first egg grading machine, our specialists studied the market carefully. The decision to install Moba equipment was well thought through, and time has shown that it was the right decision. Agrovo not only installed the equipment but also put us in contact with other companies, giving us the opportunity to get acquainted with various interesting solutions in the industry. Thanks to the quality of our eggs and flexibility many large retail chains have put us on the list of their steady suppliers. The demand for our eggs exceeds the supply, despite the fact that we are constantly increasing our production volumes at a rapid pace.”


Boris BelikovCo-founder and President of Ovostar Union, Ukraine

“I met Michael at the end of the last century, and we quickly started ordering Moba equipment. To be fair, I must admit that we later experimented a bit with other machines and concluded that only Moba can provide the flexibility and quality that our customers require. We would like to thank Agrovo for their long-standing service, responsiveness and commitment.”

Agrovo’s milestones:

1994 - Founding of the company.

1997 - Agency agreement with Moba.
2000 - Selling the first Omnia egg grader.
2002 - Opening spare part stock in Moscow.
2003 - Opening of a representative office in Kiev.
2008 - Installation of a fully functional Helpdesk in Moscow office.
2009 - 2013 - Our staff of service engineers expanded to 10 people, many of whom are qualified to fully install Omnia machines.
2019 - The number of our staff in Vienna, Moscow, Kiev, Bishkek and Tashkent exceeded to 30 people.

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