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moba france SAS open for business

Grand opening at the Space exhibition

From September 1, 2019, the Moba France SAS office is open for business. The new Moba office is located in the city of Plérin in France. The opening of Moba France was celebrated with a cocktail reception during the Space show in Rennes. Customers and colleagues from the industry were all invited to toast on this special occasion. 


At Space, we received a high number of positive reactions to our new Moba France office. Many of our customers visited our booth to give their congratulations and encouragements for the future. Other industry players also reacted very positively. On Wednesday, September 11, Moba organized a cocktail party at Space and many customers attended to meet the entire Moba France team. All staff members (including newcomers) were in attendance, with the aim of getting to know our customers. We have received enthusiastic feedback and a number of projects were submitted for the coming months, showing that the Moba brand is receiving a great deal of recognition in the French market.


Strengthening our position 

In France, Moba has already been active for many decades and established a wide presence. The new Moba France office means that we are able to further strengthen our position in the French market. Moba's aim is always to work closely with its customers, and through our new office we can better serve them by enhancing our ability to respond proactively to our customers' needs.  Increasing direct communication with our customers and increasing our after-sales organization are the first steps in order to support and service our French customers in the best possible way.


For years Moba was represented by the EMC agency in France. We would like to make use of the opportunity to thank EMC for its efforts, work and also for the good team spirit and pleasant cooperation serving our mutual customers. We wish them all the best for the future.

Moba France Managing Director

Moba France SAS has appointed Mrs. Céline Rousseau as its Managing Director. Mrs. Rousseau has 15 years of experience within the egg industry. “The egg industry is a small world and I have enjoyed working with the people within this industry. Working for a leading company is a great new challenge for me. My first few weeks at Moba gave me a lot of energy! What I enjoy most is to help customers in their search for the best possible fit for either an egg grader, a packer or logistic solution together with my team. Ensuring our customers are fully satisfied with the final result is one of our main objectives. Together with the Moba France team, I am excited to help all customers to take the next step with their businesses.”

Céline Rousseau will further expand the Moba France team in the upcoming weeks. “We want to create a dedicated and skilled team, making Moba France a high-quality service provider that is recognized as such in the market.”

You can contact Moba France SAS:

12 rue Jean Perrin,
ZA Sainte Croix

22190 Plérin, France

+33 296 329 821 


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