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The 100th MR12


A robotic system that packs consumer packs and trays into cases or crates is not unique in the industry, but with the introduction of Moba’s MR12, we did add a unique feature to the palette: the ability to process two independent products at the same time. Our customers all over the world have embraced this innovative solution, and in October 2019, the 100th MR12 is being installed.


"I believe this robot will potentially save me 5/6 members of staff which is better than my expectations. It has improved my through-put by 25%, so basically I love Moba." - Ady Crawley, owner Sunrise Eggs

In September 2015, we saw a growing demand, especially in the North American egg market, for a more flexible and high capacity case packer. We gathered those customer wishes and requirements and combined with our knowledge and expertise, searched for the solution. This resulted in the MR12, which can handle two channels independently with the highest capacity possible and with a small footprint. Combined with the possibility to fit directly behind our Omnia grading machine, it offers full flexibility. In September 2016, exactly one year later, we installed the first MR12 for a field test at the site of Hickman’s Family Farms. Mr. Jerry Hall, Processing Director of Hickman’s Family Farms, is delighted with his machine: “Reliability and the integration with logistics and the grader were the reason why we decided to invest in automation. We see an ongoing trend at Moba to continue innovating in further developing packing and grading equipment. The MR12 is a perfect example: integrating the two robot systems into one compact machine is a brilliant idea.”

Customized machine

During the initial phase of the development project, we saw we could easily configure our MR12 for the European market by adding a predefined set of modules, such as a pack splitter and full case merge unit, from which a customer can choose as required. The MR12 is based on a (basic) frame and electrical cabinet which can be expanded with the optional modules. If the customer wants to use more functions later on, it is a matter of adding or connecting additional modules. Moba’s assembly line is completely tuned to this modular concept, enabling us to build every customized MR12 in the shortest possible lead time.


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