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calibration for optimal quality and safety

Meet the highest standards with Moba Compliance

We provide our customers with high-end machinery that meets all the quality standards of today’s market. With regular inspection and calibration of your weighing and detection systems, you can guarantee that your Moba equipment will keep on performing optimal and accurate. That is why our Customer Care program offers Moba Compliance, a calibration and certification program for optimal results.



After your equipment has been calibrated, you will receive a traceable certificate. Different reasons that might require certification:

  • - Legal liability: proof that your grading and packing equipment meets the quality standards.

  • - Local authorities: official authorities may demand certification of your equipment.

  • - Internal quality and efficiency: a deviation in (auto)candling and weighing systems can lead to unnecessary costs.

  • - Commercial: suppliers/retailers may require that products are processed using a traceable calibrated system.

  • - Safety: inaccurate (auto)candling and grading data can have major consequences in food safety.     

    • Moba recommends scheduled preventive maintenance, including periodic calibration, to keep your equipment in top condition during its entire lifecycle.

For more information about calibration and certification, please click here or contact the Customer Care Department. If you would like to schedule a Moba Engineer to calibrate your equipment, please contact our Service Department.


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