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A farmpacker is an essential piece of machinery for any farm dealing with egg production. Instead of manually packing individual eggs, the farmpacker does the job for you. With large capacities of eggs being packed per hour, the use of such machinery can increase your farm's production rate dramatically.

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If you still spend counting eggs all day, a farmpacker is the solution for you. Ever lost count? By letting a machine do the work for you, not knowing exactly how many eggs you’ve packed is history. The Mopack Farmpacker was developed for your benefit. The machine offers you high-performance results and capacities built into a sturdy and robust design. The equipment is low in maintenance, made from a material which is hygienic and easy to clean. If you buy from us at Moba Group, you receive a reputable, hard-working machine that will last for years. This applies to new machinery as well as used equipment.

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Not only are we renowned for our high-end machinery, we also have legendary service. Because we operate on a global scale, you can reach us 24/7. Our skilled customer care department assists you with any questions and if you require service for any of our machines. Give us a ring at +31 342 455 655.