Creating a project

"Customer input is the essence"

teaming up with our customers


How projects are created

When customers want more than standard equipment, Moba is always ready to provide support and advice. These more complex requests are handled by our projects team. They make sure that all requirements are met. We explain the steps on how projects are created below.

Complex projects

More complex automation projects follow a different route than our standard equipment and are handled by our projects team. Our system engineers work together closely with our sales team during the sales phase. They then translate our customer's automation requirements into smart and efficient system proposals. These proposals are defined in our scope document, which forms an integral part of the quotation, together with the system layout. In the scope document, we describe the current situation, the customer’s request and our automation proposal. We also define the interfacing with Moba equipment and/or third-party equipment in the required detail.


Once the order has been placed, the project manager takes over and leads the project until the system is ready for hand-over to the customer. He plays a pivotal role in defining the details, lining up various departments and coordinating our own (customized) work and integration with third-party and/or Moba equipment. We have highly skilled integration projects leaders for the detailed technical design and integration of equipment and functions.


The project manager prepares and monitors the installation, commissioning and hand-over to the customer of the new system in close coordination with our service team and the customer. A lead service engineer is assigned to every project, who acts as the site manager and liaises between the customer, our service team and project manager.


We are fully aware that every project and every customer is different. Our project team makes sure that your project receives the right attention and that we create the right conditions to make your automation work according to the agreed scope, plan and quality.