Egg breakers and further processing

Find the machine that fits your operation

In need of a custom-built egg processing machine? Moba Group is a well-known leading company that produces and sells egg processing machinery and offers clients top-notch maintenance and spare parts field service. Based in Barneveld, the Netherlands, Moba Group serves a global community of egg processors.


Buy an egg processing machine for every task

Egg processing is a title given to a large range of tasks performed by humans and machines. Although egg processing differs from country to country, there are many processes that happen all over the world. We try to cater to companies like yours that need an egg processing machine for more than one task. Some examples of tasks that need to be done are egg cleaning, egg weighing and grading and packing. 

Quality machinery and outstanding customer service

We established our current market position by providing customers with high-end machinery. Unfortunately, malfunctions happen, and repairs need to be made. Luckily, our company houses qualified customer service employees. Available 24/7, our experts can identify problems from behind their computers.

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