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Are you looking for an egg grading or packaging machine for sale? Moba Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of such machinery. We aim to offer global solutions whilst maintaining a close relationship with our customers. This way, we do everything we can to satisfy our and your needs.

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Investing in machines is always a big expense and requires specialist advice before finalising a sale contract. At Moba Group, we value customer care and intend to provide our global clientele with local and personal advice. This way, we build a relationship and ensure that the machinery you acquire is the perfect fit for your company’s needs. Yes, a new machine of this scale is a big expense, but it should be a valuable asset to your company’s workflow and processing rate. After all, it is the eggs that count. They should be handled with care and reach your clients in one piece in the most efficient way possible.

A variety of machines on offer for every implementation

We can offer you an egg grading and packaging machine for sale with various processing capacities. Therefore, it is important that you carefully estimate how much more eggs your plant will process in the years to come. Only then can we advise you on what machine is the best option to go for.

In need of assistance with buying an egg grading or packaging machine that’s for sale?

We at Moba Group uphold a legendary customer care reputation. We are renowned for our personal advice and high-quality 24/7 customer service that we offer our clients. Apart from providing service via a means of communication, we also have top-of-the-range Field Service Support. This service is for maintenance and Spare Parts instalment. Give our head offices a call at +31 342 455 655.

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