Original Certified Spare Parts

The right parts, at the right time, in the right place

spare parts

The right parts, at the right time, in the right place

Maintenance is crucial for your equipment. With Moba Certified Parts, we optimize the uptime and efficiency of your machine.


At Moba, we always aim for the highest quality standards. Quality is a primary focus throughout all our processes. That is why all of our Moba, Pelbo and Diamond brand parts have been designed, manufactured and tested to meet these high standards. And all of our certified parts match the performance they are designed to meet.

You can expect

  • Full alignment with 24/7 service model
  • Reliable delivery, quality and guarantee
  • Same day shipping of in-stock parts
  • Experienced customer service staff


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We believe that the key to success lies in our ability to support and establish mutually beneficial long-term relationships with our customers. A part of this relationship is to take care of the fact that operational equipment can be updated to always suit your needs.

Moba therefore offers updates for Moba, as well as Diamond equipment. For example, an existing Diamond grader can be updated with an all new Crack- or Dirt Detection, or a new type of Denester for an Omnia, to process a different type of packaging.

If you are interested in updating your equipment, or if you want more information, please feel free to contact your local Area Sales Manager. If you need more information about spare parts you can contact: spareparts@moba.net