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    Mr. Dermot Herlihy, Managing Director at Belview Eggs

    “We at Belview eggs find iMoba of great benefit to our productivity as we use it in an in-house bonus scheme for our staff. It is also beneficial on seeing what lanes are stopped and duration of stops which gives us a good feedback on package quality and individual staff performance. We also use it for checking egg quality by supplier.”

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    Mr. Jerry Hall, Processing Director at Hickman’s Family Farms

    “We have been working with Moba Robot systems now for more than 2 years now. Reliability and the integration with logistics and the grader were the reason why we decided to invest in automation. We see an ongoing trend at Moba to continue innovating in further developing packing and grading equipment. The MR12 is a perfect example: integrating the two robot systems into one compact machine is a brilliant idea. The smallest possible footprint is created for the cell to process up to 180cph and the fact that 2 robots operate completely independently offers us optimal flexibility. We are happy to test the very first version of MR12 and are sure that this innovation will change the market.”

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    Mr. Mario Hodel, CEO at F&F SA/AG

    "In our opinion, the technology behind the Omnia PX series is the best available in the egg grading industry. The individual egg handling concept means that we have less breakage and can therefore maximise our sellable products. The complete washing concept - such as Cleaning In Place, part washers , covers that stay in place while cleaning and the machine's hygienic system - reduces cleaning time and makes the machine low-maintenance. Unlike other egg grading machines in the industry, the Omnia PX has touch screens on each packing lane that show all relevant information. In a blink of an eye, we can monitor all aspects and can control the entire system. Smart integrated functions such as performance data, diagnostics information and the Omnia Link enable us to compare our grading results on a daily basis, preventing any problems and making each egg traceable, with the possibility to print information on the individual egg pack. For us, the total performance of the Omnia PX is unparalleled in the industry."

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    Mr. Cal Schipper, Owner Schipper Eggs LLC

    “We have been working with a Moba grader for the past several years and have had great success with it. This made my decision to purchase the new machine an easy one. I’m pleased that Moba has decided to continue their concept of individual egg handling and am very pleased with the 700 case per hour capacity that the new machine offers. Moba was able to achieve this without speeding up any critical processes. I’m happy to be the first company in the U.S. to use this type of egg grader.”


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