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what our clients say about us


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    Mrs. Marjan van de Vis, co-owner of Van de Vis Eierspecialist

    "We are very satisfied with our new machine, the Forta GT100. The eggs are checked by various detection systems so that our customers can count on high-quality eggs. And in this way, we can work more efficiently and thus save on expensive labor. Plus, if our needs change in the future or if we continue to grow as a company, the Forta can grow along with us. We now only grade our own eggs that come directly from the sheds onto the machine, but with the expansion of a loader we would also be more inclined to buy eggs. And an additional advantage is that the Moba head office is around the corner. If there are any problems with the machine, the Moba service team will be with us within minutes."

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    Mr. Kian Lie, owner of PT Sumber Pangan Nusantara Indonesia

    "The Omnia FT330 has significantly improved the quality of the eggs. Our customers' expectations are met and we can even deliver eggs to cities further away without worrying about cracked eggs and short shelf life. To become more efficient in tray washing, we also purchased the CTW6500. But then Covid-19 hit the world, with no way of traveling across borders. Luckily, the installation of the tray washer was pretty straightforward and with remote help from an experienced Moba engineer, we could install the machine ourselves. Operating the new tray washer wasn’t difficult, thanks to the comprehensive and easy-to-read manual. Having the tray washer up and running has saved us 80% of the washing time compared to manual cleaning using the water jet. Our trays are cleaner, dryer and the equipment is easy to maintain. We are very happy with the Moba equipment and the service provided. We have become one of the major players in the North Sumatra egg industry."

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    Mr. Christian Endres, founder of Endres-Ei

    “In our search for higher standards in terms of hygiene, cleanability and egg handling we concluded that Moba, and its Omnia PX180 in particular, is the best choice. Just like Moba, Endres-Ei is an innovative and future-oriented company striving to serve its customers in the best possible way.”

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    Mr. Don Trefz, D.A. Hall’s General Manager for the supply chain

    "By using iMoba, we have improved our OEE by 5%. The Performance Pro module in particular has helped us a lot. We are now able to monitor the performance of the equipment and the quality of the eggs in real-time, which has given us an edge in identifying both negative and positive changes in the production process. I am also pleased with the performance of Moba robotics. After the first two MR12 case packers were installed, we were very impressed with both the production output and the reliability. It exceeded our expectations so we didn't have to think twice about ordering two more units. The installation was completed without any loss of production. And we saw improvements overnight with double the output capacity, compared to the CP12s. We have introduced new product lines to the MR12s and Moba Asia has helped us a lot, setting up and commissioning these products remotely."


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