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What our customers say about us

We pride ourselves on providing superior equipment and service, but you don't have to take our word for it. Read what our customers have to say about us...

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    Mr. Matthew Bird, Director Bird Bros Ltd.

    "Commissioned in 2014, our Moba Omnia PX350 truly is the center piece of our Packing Center. The major investment transformed the way our business operates, giving greater capacity for expansion, proven reliability and advanced functionality. It also further improved the quality of the eggs we pack and offers greater traceability for all our products. So, thank you Moba, we salute you!"

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    Mr. Ady Crawley, owner Sunrise Eggs

    "The design and layout of my new robots are brilliant, the efficiency is improving week by week. I believe this robot will potentially save me 5/6 members of staff which is better than my expectations. It has improved my throughput by 25%, so basically I love Moba."

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    Mr. Mark Davison, owner of Ballygarvey Eggs

    “The MR12 has all the advantages of the MR10 and also makes good use of the packing lane capacity on all pack/case types. Manual case packing limits the packing lane speed and consequently the grader speed, but the MR12 solves this. We have increased throughput by 50% without increasing the number of personnel. The MR12 performs consistently well with the complete range of egg packs and trays. Furthermore, the operator can perform a quick changeover in the same time as it takes to change the packing lane. This machine has met all my requirements.”

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    Mr. Christian Endres, founder of Endres-Ei

    “In our search for higher standards in terms of hygiene, cleanability and egg handling we concluded that Moba, and its Omnia PX180 in particular, is the best choice. Just like Moba, Endres-Ei is an innovative and future-oriented company striving to serve its customers in the best possible way.”


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