Manual labor
Added value per egg
Compact design

The success of your company depends on the performance of your farmpacker. Since the number of cracked eggs has an enormous effect on yearly profits, it is crucial that your eggs are handled with the utmost care by your farmpacker. You can confidently entrust that job to our latest innovation: The Mopack EP, the newest addition to Moba’s farmpacker family! With a gross capacity of 75 cases/hour, the Mopack EP is the ideal partner for medium-scale farmpacking needs, combining gentle egg handling with high efficiency.

Optimize the added value per egg

The Mopack EP, which stands for Efficient Packing, is designed to receive eggs from the layer house(s) and pack them into 30-egg trays. The eggs, arriving via egg conveyors, are collected by the accumulator. This system uses different sensors and a patent-pending transition plate to control the influx of eggs. This unique method of controlling the egg flow results in reduced machine stops, improved net packing capacity, and most importantly, minimized impact on the eggs, leading to gentle egg handling.

Compact design

The Mopack EP offers a compact setup with ideal workflows for various tasks surrounding the packer, as well as seamless integration with optional stackers or further automation. Less time/production time is needed. The operator works by himself. So, less time is less effort.

With the Mopack EP, the focus is on ease of use. It is constructed using durable stainless steel and incorporates Moba’s renowned synthetic parts to ensure durability and gentle egg handling throughout the process. Its robust design not only enhances performance but also makes it effortlessly accessible for cleaning and maintenance tasks, saving valuable time and effort. Moreover, the Mopack EP is equipped with an intuitive touch screen interface for functions such as egg counting, start/stop, and general control.

Thanks to the compact design of the Mopack EP, it can be easily fitted into even the smallest packing stations. This adaptability means that egg producers of all sizes can take advantage of the innovative technology and efficiency it offers!


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