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Pace farms eggs

Family-owned business

Pace Farms Eggs (Congleton, United Kingdom) was established in the 1930s by the grandparents of Tony Pace, the current co-owner. The family business started as a mixed farm, with both dairy and poultry. In the 1950s Pace Farms Eggs decided to stop selling milk and started to shift the focus to eggs. Now Tony and Steven Pace, the third and fourth generation, are driving the business forward.

Prior to buying the first Moba egg grader, the customer had a few second-hand graders which were too expensive to run. Tony’s grandfather visited Moba in the late 1970s and decided to purchase a new Moba2000 Combi-system. In 1984 the Moba2000 had been installed on site. The Moba2000, with its capacity of 40 cases per hour, increased the production of Pace Farms Eggs. This egg grader was used every day until 2019. Pace Farms Eggs then decided to move the business forward and chose to continue the longstanding and successful relationship with Moba by making the switch to Moba’s Omnia series.


Great-grandson Steven Pace, who has a PhD in poultry nutrition and has won the NFU’s Poultry Industry Programme (PIP) Award and the Egg and Poultry Industry Conference (EPIC) Young Poultry Person of the Year Award, was the driving force in bringing the business up-to-date by investing in a refurbished Moba Omnia FT170. With the aid of Moba’s expertise and recommendations Pace Farms Eggs also invested in a brand new Mopack70 Farmpacker for independent egg collection, which marked a big change in the way the customer packs and grades eggs.

After more than three decades, Moba still maintains close personal contact with the customer to ensure that all the needs remain met and to help Pace Farms Eggs run the business smoothly. The jump from a first-generation automatic grader to an Omnia FT had been a huge step for a small family business. Moba supported Pace Farms Eggs every step of the way, providing the customer with Training at Moba’s Technical Training Center and any service support they might need to make sure they are successful. 


A story by Marc Baxendale, Area Sales Manager


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