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Seng choon farm

Commitment to fresh, top-quality eggs

Seng Choon Farm, founded in 1987, is a pioneer in providing high-quality, farm-fresh eggs. In response to the government’s call in the 1980s – to invest in high-tech farming in space-challenged Singapore – Seng Choon invested in intensive farming production technology. At its launch, Seng Choon was the first high-tech poultry farm in Southeast Asia. Currently, Seng Choon is the largest egg farm in Singapore.

Seng Choon gained an edge over its competitors by marketing its eggs. This was very uncommon in the Singapore and Asia market but was on the rise in America and Europe. This marketing strategy soon became a key element for Seng Choon.


New farm

Seng Choon believes in constant development in order to maintain its tradition of providing fresh, top-quality eggs. To meet the evolving needs of a growing nation, Seng Choon started the construction of a new farm in 2010. In that same year, the company ordered an Omnia FT170 inline with a complete automatic detection system, which has replaced the manual inspection of eggs. With this new machine, Seng Choon was able to grade approximately 400,000 eggs a day.

In April 2010 I took up my new post as Area Sales Manager for Moba Asia Sdn. Bhd. and Singapore is one of the countries within our region. I was involved with the installation at the new site. Construction of Seng Choon’s new farm went quickly, and the Omnia FT170 arrived at the end of July 2010 so we could start the installation. The machine was ready to start production in August.

Continuous growth

In 2015 Seng Choon expanded the new farm by installing more layer houses to increase the daily production from 400,000 eggs a day to 600,000 eggs a day. Later Seng Choon ordered one of the first Omnia PX350s in that region.

The customer continues to improve the farm by investing in automation to reduce reliance on labor and increase productivity and efficiency. To do so Seng Choon has invested in more Moba equipment. In 2017, a Moba2500 with an inline setup to the Omnia PX350 was installed for grading and packing the eggs after being washed, dried and oiled. And a palletiser, automation (from ABB) for handling the carton and plastic crates with eggs inside the packs, was also installed.

A story by Yeo Guan Soon, Area Sales Manager


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