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The customer story of Kerovos Alimentos

Strong relationships with customers are to be cherished. At Moba, we are proud when customers take the time to come to our office for a visit. It shows the commitment and trust our customers have in us, but also the pride they have in their equipment. We have such a strong relationship with Kerovos Alimentos from Brazil. 


On a beautiful and sunny autumn day, the founder and owner of Kerovos Alimentos, Mr. Ademar Kerckhoff, honored us with a visit. He came to check out his newly purchased machine: the Omnia FT500.  


Mr. Kerckhoff is an amiable and cheerful man. As a young man, he started working in the oil industry, but he maintained an interest in the poultry industry because his father had owned a poultry business. Unfortunately for his father, that didn't work out as expected and he started a new business in the coffee industry. So when Kerckhoff Jr. told his dad his brilliant idea to start a business in the poultry industry, Kerckhoff Sr. was not enthusiastic and that is an understatement! He wanted his son to work in the coffee industry because he was very successful in his trade. 

Starting a new business

But Mr. Kerckhoff was adamant; he knew what he wanted. His determination made his dad finally agree, but with an earnest warning: "If you don't succeed, you will lose everything!" Mr. Kerckhoff pushed through, and in 1973 he was the proud owner of a small business with 5,000 chickens. And so his adventure began…

"It wasn't easy," he says, "we did everything by hand." After a while, he thought about the advantages of using a machine. He ventured into a new direction; thus, the era of automation begun. His first machine wasn't a Moba machine, though; he went for a different brand. "I bought three machines and, in hindsight, that was not a good investment," Mr. Kerckhoff says, "they just didn't work for me." I had many losses, but I had to do with what I had..."

 I was amazed. We negotiated and my dream came true. I finally had the machine I wanted.

His choice

As the company grew, he looked further into what the market had to offer. He saw small machines in Brazil with a capacity of 120 cases, but that didn't work for him either. One day, when he visited Spain, he saw a machine that made his heart race. "But,” he thought to himself, "buying a brand new machine is not cheap, how am I going to afford it?" Still, he kept dreaming about this machine. "I think that was over 17 years ago," Mr. Kerckhoff says.

Then he came in contact with a Moba sales representative. The man came to Brazil, and Mr. Kerckhoff told his wife: "Now I'm going to follow my heart and buy a Moba machine. But the conditions…," he shook his head, "we couldn't agree.”

"We were ready to travel back home at 5 a.m.," Mr. Kerckhoff continues," and suddenly at four o'clock in the morning I heard someone knocking at my hotel door. It was Moba's sales representative. He said: "I want to do business with you. Let's talk." I was amazed. We negotiated and my dream came true. I finally had the machine I wanted!" He will always remember the salesman's tenacity. "It was exceptional how he went about it. Can you imagine at 4 a.m.!"

And so it came to be that he bought his first Moba machine: the Omnia XF170. "I have enjoyed this machine so much." When asked why he chose Moba, his answer is simple: "It's the best! Exactly what we needed, the concept of individual egg handling, for instance, and the cleanability are features that are important for us."

I have always opened my doors to welcome Moba or its agent to visit us with their customers when they want to see a machine live in action.


Mr. Kerckhoff is very proud of his Moba machinery, and is willing to show it. "I have always opened my doors to welcome Moba or its agent to visit us with their customers when they want to see a machine live in action. I said: "Your customers can always come and see how we do things here and to see how the machine works. Customers always have many questions, like how does the machine work, how can it be cleaned, and so forth, and I'm always happy to answer all their questions. That is easy for me," he joked, "I talk a lot,” my sons say, "when you talk you don't stop!" "Indirectly I have helped to sell many machines. When I say it is a good machine, then it is a good machine!" Upon the comment that he would be a good Moba salesman, he laughed and replied with a big smile: "Yes, I think so." 

When asked if he is satisfied with Moba, he quickly replied: "Delighted, one hundred per cent! Service is fast. When I need help or advice, I call MRE Technology Comercio, Moba’s agent in Brazil, and they arrange it. They have the original Moba parts in stock, so they can act quickly. I am pleased to have a good relationship with Moba and MRE Technology Comercio."


Since the start of the business it has grown exponentially. Nowadays Kerovos Alimentos has 5 million chickens. Kerovos Alimentos sells eggs (in trays and cartons) and in liquid form. Mr. Kerckhoff runs his family business together with his wife and two sons. They have Moba grading machines and a Pelbo Synchro400 breaker. Not only is Kerovos Alimentos famous in the region, but also nationwide, after appearing with his son Igor on the third season of Chef de Família, a cooking show in Brazil. Click on the link to see that episode and start watching from 10:34–12:52 minutes. 


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