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the customer journey of liang kee farming

Asia's first certified humane egg producer

Liang Kee Farming has been an established layer farm since 1977. The family-owned farm is located in Kampar, Perak, Malaysia. Mr. Tan Leng Yee, the current Managing Director of Liang Kee Farming, was just a child when he began working at his father's farm, grading eggs by hand. Today, the farm has grown into a modern, high-tech, automated facility that can produce over 500,000 eggs every day. It is also the first "certified humane" farm in Southeast Asia.



Significant growth
Over the years, Liang Kee Farming has specialized in the production of commercial table eggs, nutrient-enhanced eggs and free-range eggs. An increase in egg production and a desire to differentiate its LK Fresh brand from other eggs on the market have prompted Liang Kee Farming to launch a new brand strategy. This involves increasing value by improving the nutritional value, size and taste of the eggs, as well as achieving a stronger egg shell and longer shelf life.

Liang Kee Farming has been a loyal Moba customer since purchasing its very first Moba2500 grading machine in 2005, later followed by a Mopack100. When Liang Kee Farming expanded its business, they purchased an Omnia XF330, as well as a Pelbo Micro25 egg-breaking machine to handle liquid processing tasks. This year, they added two more lanes and a Blood Detector upgrade for the Omnia to help improve the quality of their eggs.

Humane egg producer

Nowadays, consumers are becoming more aware of how their food is produced, and they want to know more about the agricultural methods that food producers use. This change prompted Liang Kee Farming to rethink its laying hen management system three years ago. To learn more about the humane treatment of laying hens, Mr. Tan Leng Yee traveled abroad to different agricultural exhibitions and fairs. He firmly believes that treating farm animals with the best attention and care will enable him to win the trust of consumers. And his strong belief is enhanced by the brand's tagline of "Happy hens lay healthy eggs."

Recently, the company became the first "certified humane" farm in Southeast Asia. The guidelines are set by HFAC's scientific committee, which is made up of 40 animal scientists and veterinarians from different countries. The committee is responsible for defining the requirements for the humane treatment of laying hens from birth through slaughter. The humane methods used by Liang Kee Farming mean they produce healthier eggs that are free from antibiotics, animal by-products and growth hormones. 


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