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The customer journey of Davao Golden Eggs Corporation 

Ready for the future with the Omnia FT330

It has been a challenging year with the outbreak of Covid-19 and the restricted traveling opportunities. Moba strives to be close to its customers and even in times when visiting customers was almost impossible, we are proud that worldwide installations and after-sales support could carry on thanks to our extensive worldwide network. A great example of this is the recent Omnia FT330 installation in the Philippines at our customer Davao Golden Eggs Corporation.


Davao Golden Eggs was founded back in 2000, and this corporation is currently managed by Mr. Peter Manalac. In 2005, the company decided to take the business a step further and started its farm. Through the years, the farm continued to expand and currently covers 29 hectares of land. The goal of Davao Golden Eggs has always been to be a fully automated layer farm producing farm-fresh eggs. They believe that the success of the company is that they produce natural, high-quality fresh eggs with a personal touch.

VIV Asia

In 2015, Davao Golden Eggs visited the Moba booth during the VIV Asia show. After this, the company was convinced of the benefits that Moba could offer them. They purchased the Moba2500, a machine that is widely known as a modern, reliable and economic egg grader. Later that same year, the Moba2500 was installed at the customer’s plant.


In 2020, Davao Golden Eggs wanted to increase egg production to prepare for the future. They decided to yet again commit to Moba. This time, the Omnia FT330 caught their eye. The Omnia FT series, which stands for ''Food Technology'', combines the highest food safety standards in the industry with Moba’s famous individual egg handling, resulting in one of the most efficient machines available on the market. The Omnia arrived at the customer’s plant at the end of 2020.


For Davao Golden Eggs, the investment in the new equipment coincided with the move of the egg grading station. The installation of the new Omnia FT330 started immediately after the completion of the new location. With the current pandemic still going on, traveling to the Philippines wasn’t possible for Moba engineers. That is why our local service engineer and the customer’s technician had to complete the installation process with the remote support and guidance of Moba Asia. First, the new Omnia FT330 was installed and then the existing Moba2500 was dismantled and re-installed at the new location. The whole installation and commissioning process went smoothly and was completed by the end of May 2021.


The customer is very happy with his two Moba machines, which are located close together to make the daily operation easy to manage.


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