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The journey of General Poultry Company

Supplying the Bahraini consumer with fresh eggs

It has been 45 years since General Poultry Company was founded. And it has had great success, as the company is now considered to be Bahrain's preferred choice of table eggs since its speed to market ensures that consumers get their eggs fresh from the farm. In 2000, they decided to entrust Moba's egg packing machinery to handle their eggs. An astounding 22 years of close partnership!


Since its foundation in 1977, General Poultry Company (GPC) has grown a lot. What started with an ambitious goal of meeting Bahrain's demand for quality, nutritious and fresh eggs has now become the country's preferred choice for table eggs. The key to GPC's success is the speedy delivery from farm to table, ensuring that the eggs Bahraini consumers eat are fresh, unlike imported eggs. GPC is very proud of the recognized high quality of their eggs. In 2010, the company achieved the HACCP certification which was followed by ISO certifications in 2021 and 2022 respectively — ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and ISO 22000.


The company believes in its mission to deliver the best-quality table eggs and service to its customers. They are also committed to being a major contributor to Bahrain's Food Safety Program and creating a rewarding and safe work environment for their employees.



As the company kept on growing, it needed to take the next step: expanding its operation. Before the expansion was finalized in September 2022, GPC's farms were using Moba farmpackers in each production site and off-grades were removed manually. The expansion program marked a new phase in GPC's journey with eight state-of-the-art farmhouses that uses the latest technologies and meet stringent biosecurity measures. For the egg handling, they decided to take a big step as well from careful farmpacking to precise grading with full automatic detection.


GPC has been a Moba customer since 2000. The reason why the Bahraini company decided to commit to Moba was the well-known and internationally reputed brand, as Moba carries an impressive track record in the Middle East with almost 90% of poultry egg farms using its technology. "Another reason was the high performance and durability of Moba machinery and the implementation of the latest technology," Mr. Srinath explains. "Plus, by choosing Moba we could count on the company's excellent after-sales service in the Middle East." Moba has its own regional service office based at Dubai Airport.


At GPC's new farm and packing station, an Omnia XF170 has been installed for all grading and packing operations. This is a piece of machinery that has met all expectations. "We are very satisfied with the equipment. It can perfectly keep up with our capacity and thanks to the detection systems, we can get more out of the eggs. The current machine identifies dirty, broken and weak-shelled eggs at an early stage and separates them from the rest. The same can be said about leaking eggs, which are separated as early as possible to avoid them getting mixed up with the clean eggs. And even hairline cracks are noticed by the Omnia! What gives us peace of mind is that Moba's Service Team is available in the Middle East and can be at our packing station within a couple of hours in case of emergency. And of course, they also offer service remotely when needed. We are very happy with the excellent service Moba's experienced team offers."


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