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Refurbished, quality equipment at SMS

For the past 25 years, our customers worldwide have had the possibility to trade in their used Moba equipment when replacing it for new machinery. Upon arrival at Moba SMS, the used equipment is dismantled, pressure-cleaned, fully rebuilt and then resold with a Moba SMS warranty. These machines are affordable, in great condition and adapted to customers' wishes.


Refurbished equipment 

"We understand that purchasing a new machine can be a financial strain for some companies," Mr. Jan Veldhuizen, Manager of Second-hand Moba Systems (SMS) explains. "Selling second-hand machines allows us to offer this segment of customers the opportunity to take their business to the next level with quality Moba machinery that still meets the requirements of their market, but with a more affordable price tag." And at the same time offers Moba, thanks to having SMS, a fair and relatively high trade-in value for used equipment. This means that for customers buying new equipment, the SMS strategy is also beneficial. A real win-win!!

The great thing about working at SMS is that you get the complete picture. We handle every aspect of the machine.

Moba has a long history of selling refurbished equipment. In the beginning of the 90’s, machines were being reconditioned at the factory in Barneveld, the Netherlands. Due to the continuous growth of the company, the factory simply ran out of space over the years. At the time, Moba already rented a building a few feet away from the headquarters and in 1995, the decision was made that this rented building would be used for all refurbished machines. The move did not just mean a separate site for SMS, Moba also wanted to further professionalize the department by appointing an experienced team to lead SMS.

Mr. Veldhuizen, together with Mr. Jan Koot, and Mr. Dennis Leliefeld, who recently retired, accepted the challenge. And up to the present day, they have never regretted that decision. "The great thing about working at SMS is that you get the complete picture. We handle every aspect of the machine like the loader, infeed and packing lanes. And we receive a variety of Moba equipment, from egg graders like the Moba2500, Prima2000 and the Omnia line to the Farmpackers. That makes the work very diverse. With the SMS team of 15 men, and of course the valuable support from Moba headquarters, we make the equipment ready to be resold."

Great condition 

When customers visit SMS, they are positively surprised by the level of refurbishment done on the used equipment. That is because the machines that arrive at SMS undergo a complete makeover. First, the machine is completely dismantled so that only the frame remains. During this process, the condition of the different parts is checked. Then, every disassembled part is thoroughly cleaned. Once everything is washed, the rebuild can start. Modifications to part designs that Moba has introduced over the years are implemented in the refurbished machine to ensure that the machinery meets its latest technical standard, as it would be with a new machine. This also applies to PCs and related software, including all updates. Then the machine is tested using the same testing equipment and procedures used by Moba. The final step is to pack and transport the machine to the new owner. Engineers at SMS, supported by Moba engineers, install the equipment on site, according to the requirements of the customer. After installation, the SMS team and the Moba Service team are always available for Aftersales service.

Like new machines, SMS refurbished machinery can be customized to the requirements of the customer. A customer can create a wish list and the team at SMS tries its best to meet all the requirements. Sometimes by adding, other times by placing new certified parts or adding detection devices.

We are happy and proud that refurbished Moba machines get a second chance all over the world.

Next generation

Since SMS was founded in 1995, more and more second-hand Moba machines are resold every year. Demand is particularly high in certain areas of the world. In these cases we always search cooperation with our local agents network. "We are happy and proud that refurbished Moba machines get a second chance all over the world." Over the past 25 years, SMS has also seen a lot of returning customers. Mr. Jan explains: "A new generation takes over the business and they still remain loyal to SMS. They have appreciated the backup support and quality service and equipment received by SMS over the years. This has been the best appreciation for us and we are looking forward to keep on serving our customers worldwide."


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